Thursday, August 27, 2009

Day 2 August 27, 2009

This morning was as typical as any morning. Woke the kids up for school but this time i had to get all 4 ready. After dropping off the two older kids I needed to take my girl to a sitter while i took the youngest to the doctors. I arrived at the sitters a little early so we just waited out side until she returned. When she did return i left my daughter and got back into the car. As i began to turn on the car my car wouldn't start. The battery went dead. This was another thing we just didn't need. So i had to cancel taking my son to his appointment and take the second car which was already at my friends cause she was borrowing it cause her car was dead. I went home to pick up my husband so we could buy another battery. While we were at home getting ready to go, the same friend who i left the kids with called and said that they had a new battery in a dead car that we can have. Now the story is that for weeks Angel has been helping this family with fixing their only car. Sacrificing long hours, not getting home until midnight. It was a blessing to have broken down right in front of their home and not the road or some parking lot. And it was a blessing that they had a new battery that we could have. We were finally able to get our car going and headed home to get ready for my appointment.

We have been blessed with friends being able to help how ever and whenever we needed it. We finally arrived to my midwives office. we got in pretty fast. Everyone knows what is going on with each patient so i did sense a feeling of sadness when i came in. We spoke about what all had happened with the miscarriage. When it started, how long it lasted and how much i was now bleeding. I guess everything went fine for me cause she then said that we could try again. Which i was so relieved about. Right now it isn't the time to be discussing that and i should wait 2 weeks to have intercourse with my husband again. We are both so emotionally weak that we are not in our right minds to be making a decision like that. Of course we spoke about birth control but that too is a tough subject. I had tried one method and it caused me to bleed allot and i am not to fond of hormones going into my body from a patch, rod, shot, pill, or anything else.

So the visit went well but it did trigger emotions once again and i became light headed. I was also told that this emotional roller coaster can last for months.

During this trial we have also been helping a friend. Which has really helped cause it got me out of my house, my husband thinking about cars and not the situation and me talking with a friend about what we were going through. I feel that i have gained stronger friendships with friends.

On our way home from the doctors we had received another blessing where the burden of his job was lifted. Through all this we have seen others being greatly effected and that have shown compassion and love and understanding towards us.

My husband will now be around a little longer which i feel we all need. We are defiantly taking each day moment by moment.

After a long day i would really feel cramping and back pain. still need to remember that my body just went through trauma and it will be a while til it is healed again. I am just grateful for all the help i have each day that all i need to worry about is just healing in every way.