Saturday, August 29, 2009

Day 3 August 28 2009

Woke up the kids and took them to school again. Then I had to get the 2 youngest ready because they were going to be spending time with other families for the day. The whole point was for me to rest and enjoy my husband. However the Lord had other things in mind then to rest. I had picked up a friends daughter from school while she ran around doing errands but it ended up that her car broke down again. I then picked up her other kids from school and my husband and I headed over. I stayed around for a bit but then headed home to rest until my kids came home. I was in pain....cramping my back hurting and lets not forget it gets pretty hot here in AZ. So i was afraid that my rest was never meant to happen but I was glad that i was able to help my friend, kid free.

My husband came home and all my kids returned safely. He decided to go back and help with the car again and took 2 kids. I had the oldest and the youngest at home and we all fell asleep the whole time my husband was gone. I was able to rest after all i think the Lord blessed me with it. I did get a little sad and angry today. While eating dinner tonight I got soo upset that I went through all this pain and got nothing in return. No baby for all the pain i just endured. And whats worse is I am reminded everyday from the cramping. I am just glad to have friends and family around to help me keep focus on the life around me.